Hello and welcome to my website

I’m Carly and I specialise in Fertility, Pregnancy and Women's Wellbeing.

I can support you mentally, emotionally and physically offering the following treatments;

Fertility Coaching,
Pregnancy Coaching,
General Reflexology, Fertility Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology
Gentle Release Therapy
Facial Reflexology


Laura's Beauty Corner -  Wimbledon, SW19

East Horsley, Surrey, KT24 5ER (easily accessible from Cobham, Oxshott, Esher, Guildford & Weybridge)

 I am also able to support you via coaching and my courses online

sperm&egg (ENORASIS)


Using different Techniques together or individually I can help you connect your body & mind, balance hormones and therefore, regulate ovulation and prepare your body for pregnancy.

flowertummy (doctorlawyerprints)


With additional knowledge and training, I am able to tailor my treatments to your specific needs at any given time.


Women's Wellbeing

Reflexology, Facial Reflexology & Hot Stone Reflexology all aiding the body in eliminating toxins and boosting the immune system whilst restoring energy and balance. They are wonderful for treatments to help with Peri & Menopausal symptoms


Carly Garrett


About me

Hello and welcome to my website.

I am a qualified Reflexologist, graduating from the Central London School of Reflexology in 2005.

I had been having reflexology for years for insomnia and the results that I noticed sparked an interest in 'how does Reflexology work?' I had no interest in being a reflexologist but after the first weekend of training I knew that I needed a career change!  After having my two boys and realising I have an interest in the wonders of pregnancy, I went on to study the further courses as shown below and have loved following the road of Fertility, Pregnancy and Women's Wellbeing.  Most recently adding to my 'tool box' as a Fertility Coach using the Freedom Fertility Formula. 

As you can see, I also love to study!  I am constantly on the look-out for something 'extra' that I can add into my treatment which will benefit my clients - whatever you are coming to see me for.  I love my job and feel passionate about the work that I do and the differences I can make to my clients lives. 


  • Advanced Maternity Reflexology Course with Susanne Enzer - 2008
  • Reproflexology with Barbara Scott - 2010
  • The Fertile Body Method with Sjane Hugo - 2013
  • Hypnobirthing with Katharine Graves - 2014
  • Hot Stone Reflexology with Sally Earlam - 2015
  • Foot Tapping Reflexology with Peter Tomlinson - 2018
  • Reflexology for Women's Health - Hagar Basis - 2019
  • Gentle Release Therapy - 2019
  • Facial Reflexology - The Bergman Method - 2019
  • Freedom Fertility Formula (Fertility Coaching) - 2020
  • Advanced Gentle Release Therapy - 2020
  • Freedom Family Formula (Pregnancy Coaching) - 2021
  • Level 2 Counselling Skills - 2021
  • Moxa for Reflexology - 2022
  • Facial Reflexology for Empowered Perimenopause - 2022
  • EFT certification - 2023
  • Coaching Certification - 2023
  • Miscarriage & Bereavement Doula qualification - 2024

I am fully insured and a full member of the Association of Reflexology and Association of Reproductive Reflexology 

Pictures: Enorasis & DoctorLawyerPrints