Have you had reflexology before and would like to be able to learn techniques to help your baby throughout their childhood?  If so, sounds like you would benefit from a Baby Reflex course.....

What is Baby Reflex?

Baby Reflex is specially adapted Reflexology designed and created for application to babies. These techniques were developed for increasing the “‘bonding” between mother and baby, and over the years have helped to ease, relieve, & eliminate many discomforting conditions in babies from the age of 4 weeks.

How did Baby Reflex begin?

Jenny Lee, (MCSP, MAR) a chartered Physiotherapist, Reflexologist, & Teacher, had specialised in working with Mothers & young children, over some 15 years in practice during which time she carried out pilot studies which all included GPs, designed to specifically examine the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma. The results were so encouraging that Jenny developed from that research the concept of “Baby Reflex”. Amongst the findings were:-

  • Reduced severity of their asthma.
  • Promotion of better sleep patterns.
  • A greater ability to relax with an improved ‘quality of life’.
  • Increased bonding between child & parent.
  • The children enjoyed their treatments, and even became seen as better behaved

The benefits of these techniques are:

  • Natural – A non-invasive therapy that aims to promote good health
  • Nurturing- Encourages a natural bonding between Parent & Child
  • Nourishing- Aims to support the growing body of the child

How do I teach Baby Reflex?

I can teach you in your own home or via Zoom either individually, with your partner or why not get a group of friends together? (4-6 adults including babies)  This can be done over 2 or 3 sessions covering the following topics:-

  • Feeding and Digesting
  • Sleeping/Comforting
  • Wellbeing

During each session, I will teach the individual techniques which we will practice initially on my cute, fake little baby feet and then on each other (you can stick to the fake feet if you prefer!)  Practicing on each other gives you the opportunity to feel the treatment that your baby will be receiving and also re-affirming what you have learned.  For the last 5 minutes of each session you will have time to practice on your baby.  It is advised that you treat your baby up to 3 times in any 24 hour period and each treatment lasts for no longer than 5 minutes.

Please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email to discuss your requirements

Babies and Children Love Baby Reflex – come and see for yourself

"These little toes just experienced Baby Reflexology for the first time and wow, did he enjoy it! Calm and cooing, and a big poo at the end of it too (focused on the digestive system this week!) Thankyou @reflexologywithcarlygarrett for teaching us all about the cutest baby feet in the world and how they are linked to body parts.  Can't wait for session two" @theparentandbabycoach


Newborn baby feet parents holding in hands. Love simbol as heart sign.