By combining Reproflexology, The Freedom Fertility Formula, The Fertile Body Method and Gentle Release Therapy you get the full package.

By using just one, or a mix of the above therapies, we can work on supporting your body and mind, whether you are just embarking on your 'fertility journey' or you have been on that road for some time.

With over 10 years of fertility experience, I would love to work with you on your dream of a family or to extend your family.

See below how each one can benefit you:

Reproflexology (Fertility Reflexology)
The Freedom Fertility Formula
Gentle Release Therapy


Please click here to receive a  20 minute Guided Gentle Release Therapy Meditation that is specifically written for Fertility.


"Over the last three months, Carly has supported both my mental and physical well-being in immeasurable ways, as I have been struggling on my fertility journey.

One of the first things that I noticed about Carly is how empathetic she is and has such a strong desire to help everyone to achieve their pregnancy dream.  She is an extremely kind and warm person who I trust wholeheartedly.  I hadn’t spoken with anyone, other than my husband, about the challenges we had been having, so it was such a huge relief to have someone to talk to who understood and could help me navigate my way out of the negative place that I had got to.  "

Mrs R - Wimbledon

Picture credit - Enorasis

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