"Carly’s reflexology sessions are truly wonderful - they allow me to drift into a pure place of relaxation which has helped me move away from an emergency state and into a much more positive and relaxed state. I had tried acupuncture in the past but felt it just didn’t work for me. The reflexology is really magical!"

Trying for a baby can be a very stressful and emotional time for many couples. Reflexology is a natural therapy which can help relax your body, balance hormones and therefore, regulate ovulation and prepare your body for pregnancy. Alongside the Reflexology treatments, I can use scripts from the Fertile Body Method along with Gentle Release Therapy which helps with the mind/body connection. I strongly believe that they all work wonderfully together to help prepare your body for conception.

When you become a Fertility Client of mine, I will give you access to my Googledrive which includes relaxation scripts for you to listen to whenever you want (and is added to regularly), hand reflexology sequences for all stages of your cycle (these will be discussed during our consultation) and any other information that I feel will be of benefit to you.

You may have heard the saying "it takes a year to make a baby".  3 months of preperation and 9 months of growing.   By putting in the ground work we can really make a difference.    Everyone is different, but ideally I like to work with you weekly to cover a cycle and then we can change to fortnightly treatments.   However, this can be adapted for your needs & circumstances.

Regular treatments can be successful in:

  • Balancing irregular menstrual cycles
  • Stimulating ovulation
  • Aiding medical conditions such as Endometriosis and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
  • Significanty reducing painful periods
  • Ensuring that your body is in optimum condition for the miracle of conceiving
  • Preparing your body and mind for fertility treatment
women holding her hands in circle shape in front of her stomach

"I have been seeing Carly for fertility reflexology treatments & she is AMAZING! Carly always puts me at complete ease, you know you are in very good hands. I always finish every session feeling so relaxed and feeling so much more positive about things (if you are experiencing issues with fertility you will know how anxious & stressful it can be but Carly has been so amazing throughout all her treatments and you genuinely feel she cares about you)." Mrs C - Colliers Wood