" Through the Freedom Fertility Formula (FFF), Carly has enabled me to be able to step off my ‘fertility island’ and to feel much more in control and no longer alone.  I have been able to reframe my thoughts through the various tools and techniques that I have learnt through the FFF which I use every day.  The various MP3s from the FFF are a perfect way to have a short, guided, relaxation session each day."

Any length of fertility journey can have an overwhelming impact on so many areas of your life.

Over the last 10 years of working with ladies on their fertility journeys, I was always aware that there was no 'care' for their mental health - and that is where The Freedom Fertility Formula comes in!   Working together to help you feel calm, confident and in control and helping you learn how to live in the wait for a baby.  Giving you space to tell your story and understand how your emotions are trying to guide you.

Work with me so that I can teach you a structured approach to handle the emotional overwhelm.  Allowing you to 'live in the wait in a fulfilling and joyful way' instead of living in an 'emotional prison' of out of control feelings such as grief, jealously and loneliness. 

Using coaching, counselling and mind/body techniques.  You really don't need to go through this alone.

Working through the following modules to enable you to take control of your fertility journey

FIRST AID - Taking you out of the 'emergency state' and giving you 'Feel Right Emotional Empowerment' taking back control over your fertility journey.  
FOUNDATION - Building your emotional capacity to enable you to move from 'Cope' to 'Hope' 
EMOTIONS - Understanding how your emotions are trying to guide you and using them in a pro-active instead of reactionary way
REPROGRAMMING - Remove outdated 'route maps' and replacing them with ones that are useful for your fertility success
TACTICS - The Stay Strong Session - teaching you how to handle external factors out of your control
IMAGINATION - You will now be strong enough to use your imagination to aid mind/body connections
LIBERATION - Reflection/Review/Next Steps

Extra sessions for IVF and Newly Pregnant 


What does having Feel Right Emotional Empowerment fell like?

  • Knowing you are able to consciously and intuitively make the best decisions for you based on what is right for you and not what others believe
  • No longer self-sabotaging your inner peace with thoughts in your head
  • Knowing how to protect yourself from the emotional impacts of the outside world
  • Living life on your terms, no matter what's happening in your present, has gone on in your past, or is coming up in your future
  • Knowing you can emotionally handle all aspects of life even through times of adversity. 


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"The Emotions session was particularly enlightening as I hadn't quite realised how much I was holding onto and acknowledging gave me the freedom to let them go"