Nurture your Fertility

To run alongside my Online Group Fertility Coaching,  please join me every other Wednesday at 8pm starting on the 31st of March for my Nurture your Fertility Holistic Circle.

Each 60 minute session will be different, but will be made up of Hand Reflexology &  Facial Acupressure, slowing your mind and breath and starting you on your road to relaxation. Then settling down to a guided meditation using Gentle Release Therapy. Connecting you to your body, releasing tension and built up emotions and leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated and floating off to bed.

During each session we will be focusing on bringing you out of the emergency state, strengthening your heart/womb connection and nurturing yourself.   All whilst feeling held and supported as part of a community 

Upcoming dates are :-
31st March,
14th April
28th April,
12th May
26th May
9th June

Each session is £10 or £50 for all six sessions.  

Some quotes from previous sessions:

"As soon as I lay down on my bed for the guided gentle release therapy I felt light as a feather! I had a ridiculously busy week and it was a very welcome break I feel calm and very ready for a good nights sleep"

"I also joined an online relaxation session which was really calming and also made me feel part of something bigger by all being online together". 

"Oh my goodness Carly nothing has ever sent me to sleep so much in my life!  I was struggling to keep my eyes open 3 minutes in.  Thankyou soo much".

"Hi Carly, thank you so much for that.  That is the first time I have tried any form of reflexology or gentle release therapy and it was really helpful to focus my mind back on my body in a positive way"

"Thank you Carly that was fantastic! A brilliant session.....x"

If you would like to join me, please make a transfer of £10 or £50 to:
Reflexology with Carly Garrett

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Nurture your Fertility