During this time, I have put together 3 online packages for anyone that needs them.

Fertility Package
This starts with me sending you a treatment form which you complete and return and then a 30 minute online consultation so we can discuss your history and I will give you advice, guidance and hand reflexology techniques to work at the appropriate times in your cycle.   I will then send you a link which will contain  a Guided Gentle Release for Fertility Script and Healing White Light recording to listen to.

Cost £40 - please contact me to arrange

End of Pregnancy Package - From 36 weeks
Hand reflexology techniques for you to use on yourself
Reflexology techniques for your 'isolation partner' to be able to give you a treatment
A guided Gentle Release Therapy treatment
Healing White Light recording

Cost £20 - Please contact me

BabyReflex 1:1 - 30 minutes
We can have a 30 minute online chat where I give you specific techniques to use on your baby.
I will also send you written guidance on how to use them including a foot map showing points.

Cost £20 - Please contact me



One of my clients asked me to record my Healing White Light script for her so I thought I would save it here for you.    It is from my Fertile Body Method training but I use it with so many of my clients as it is so wonderfully relaxing and everyone seems to love it!   I have purposely left the script 'open' for you at the end so you can have a snooze afterwards if you want to.  When you are ready, just bring your awareness back to your breath and then open your eyes.

I hope you enjoy it


The Wonderful Helen from Gentle Release Therapy has recorded a Guided release for us all to use.

Gentle Release Therapy 


If you enjoyed the above link and would like to learn Gentle Release Techniques to use on your friends and family.   Please take a look here


The Association of Reflexologists have put together some hand reflexology techniques for us to use and share

Stress & Tension


Mood Improvement


Along the way I get to meet lots of wonderful people who I like to recommend to my clients.   Please check out their websites for more details.