Reflexology Esher

Reflexology Esher

I can travel to your home to offer Reflexology in Esher.  I will bring along my wonderful Lafuma reclining chair and everything else I need in order  to give you a wonderfully relaxing treatment.    All I require from you is a little space in a room that you can totally relax in and a glass of water for you to have during and after the treatment.

For your first treatment, we will firstly spend about 15 minutes discussing your treatment form and any issues that you have, what you want to get from your treatment and for me to explain how your body is mapped out on your feet and what I plan to do during the treatment.

I will then wrap you in a blanket (if its not a baking hot day!) recline you back and allow you to have a full hour of relaxation using my organic Beeswax aromatherapy balms which will be chosen for your specific treatment.  Please note, they are pre-blended so I will chose from the Rose, Fertility, Pregnancy or Menopause blend.

Once the treatment is finished we will discuss any imbalances that I have found in your feet and talk about how you are feeling.    I will offer you a glass of water and sit you up slowly.

Everyone feels different after a treatment.  If you can, it is very beneficial to just chill with your glass of water or a cup of herbal tea for a while (one of the huge benefits of me coming to your home to offer reflexology in Esher), but saying that, you might be totally energised and raring to get up and go!  If you are pregnant, I advise you to get up and have a bounce on your birthing ball if you have one or to go for a little walk.   I use cushions to slightly tilt your pregnant tummy so that you are not flat on your back, but it is good to get your pelvis tilted forwards again.

It doesn’t really matter what you wear, just as long as it is comfortable – but it is very helpful if I can get easy access to your calves.