Over the years I have worked with many couples going through IVF. This is a very difficult time on many levels - emotionally, physically and financially. I feel that alongside from the actual Reflexology treatment, my clients benefit from the support that I give them, both through the Fertile Body Method scripts and having someone to talk and confide in.


Ideally we can start the treatments 3 months before the IVF treatment begins, to help balance and strengthen your body ready for the weeks ahead. (I have had clients fall pregnant naturally during this time).

Once your IVF treatment has begun, I work alongside your specific Protocol, changing the treatment each time your drugs change. The 'two week wait' is obviously a very difficult stage as you are evaluating every twinge and change. Treatments during this stage are to support your body, and for me to be a listening ear, allowing your body to do what needs to be done.