Putting in the foundations to reclaim your fertility and nurture your
Mind, Body & Soul

Giving you the support, tools and techniques to reclaim your power and hope

“Throughout the programme, I believe I've gained a deeper understanding of myself and my emotions surrounding fertility. I've also gained practical tools and techniques to manage stress positively and maintain a sense of normality. I've found a supportive community and valuable resources that have helped me feel less alone on in my journey. Overall, I feel more equipped to face the challenges ahead with a bit more confidence and optimism.”

Rooted is a comprehensive programme specially designed to empower and uplift women trying to conceive.  I’ve combined the most powerful coaching methods, mind-body connection techniques, relaxation exercises, and holistic therapies to support women on their journey to motherhood.

Does this sound like you?

  • Trying to conceive has completely overtaken your life, it’s all you think about every minute of every day.
  • You’re constantly putting on a brave face through all the pregnancy announcements, when really, you’re heartbroken as your friends all race ahead in life.
  • You feel like your body is failing you and you’ve never felt so disconnected from yourself and your body.
  • The pressure you feel is relentless and overwhelming, it’s coming from all directions and especially from yourself.
  • You’re emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted from the constant cycle of hope and disappointment, you don't know how much more of this you can take.


You don't have to do this alone any more


I’ve spent over 17 years working with my clients to support them and boost their fertility from within.  

I’ve seen the frustration this journey causes and I know what works.  So you can feel reconnected with your body, more in control and able to embrace the future in the way you deserve.

Its like having therapy you can take with you anywhere, packed with helpful resources.  Carly's expertise and calming vibe make it really stand out.  For me, its been a game-changer, making me feel lighter and more positive about my fertility journey

Unlock Your Fertility with Holistic Support

Heal from the pain of the past - Rooted is a holistic and nurturing sanctuary that empowers you to overcome  the challenges of trying to conceive and reclaim your fertility journey.

Find yourself again - Within Rooted, you'll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, where you'll learn to embrace your fertility, honour your body's wisdom, and cultivate a deep sense of peace and empowerment.

Set yourself free - Rooted helps you break free from the cycle of negative thoughts, self-doubt, and physical tension, replacing them with a renewed sense of hope, self-compassion, and a deeper connection to your body.

The Rooted Experience: A Nurturing Path to Empowerment

What’s included?

Rooted is a mulit-layered programme to support your fertility, which combines:

Powerful Coaching Tools

These strategies will cultivate a fertile mindset, overcome negative thinking patterns, and develop a deep sense of self-compassion and resilience.  All whilst bringing the focus in on your current needs. 

Transformational Mind-Body Techniques

Learn to harmonise your thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations, finding a profound connection with your innate power and fertility.

Find Peace with Relaxation and Grounding Exercises

With carefully curated relaxation and grounding techniques designed to help you release stress, anxiety, and tension, creating a calm and centred space within, for optimal fertility.

Hand & Facial Reflexology

An ancient healing method to promote balance and harmony within your body, supporting your reproductive system's natural functions and cycle as well as helping you to wind down of an evening and prepare for the day ahead. 

Gentle Release Therapy

A powerful emotional release technique, empowers you to process and release deeply held emotions, and blocks that may be hindering your path to motherhood using specific recordings for each stage of your cycle. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Also known as tapping, this is a highly effective tool for managing stress, anxiety, and difficult emotions, helping you navigate those moments of overwhelm.

How it works:

Rooted is designed to fit seamlessly into your life, with a self-paced programme, released weekly, allowing you to progress through at your own speed.

You can revisit materials wherever you need for a personalised and empowering experience.

Each week, you'll receive a new set of bite-sized coaching videos, guided sessions, and worksheets, making it easy to integrate the programme into your life. 

I would score my mental health 9/10 - its the best its been in the last 12 months.  I have found a way to let go of some of the things I have been trying to control which has in turn taken the pressure off me.  My natural way of being is to throw 110% at everything which has served me well during my career but infertility is less logical, it doesn't care if you work hard or not!  





In Rooted you will receive:

Powerful videos released weekly - Discover tools to quiet that negative internal voice so that you can reconnect with your body, regain control and resilience, and so much more. 

Incredible Hand Reflexology - Learn to support each part of your reproductive cycle with this powerful technique.

Release overwhelm with my EFT Sequence - This highly effective tool works wonders for moments of stress and overwhelm.

Promote balance with Facial Reflexology - Heal your mind and body to give you a great night sleep and prepare you for the day ahead. 

Empowering Gentle Release Recordings - Deeply support your cycle at every stage and reconnect with your body 

Calming Relaxation & Grounding Recordings -  Bring peace and calm into your life whenever you need 

Lifetime Access to All Program Materials -  Fantastic tools to come back to whenever you need.  Pretty much everything within this programme can be used in any area of your life, not just for fertility, so I hope that it is something that you can come back to time and time again.   

Special Offer: 

As an additional gift, the first 10 people to sign up will receive an early bird price.  So make sure you are on my mailing list to be one of the first to purchase.   

For those that sign up before Wednesday 1st May, you will receive access to 

A LIVE Nurture your Fertility group session with me on the evening of the 1st May.    

I've definitely noticed a decrease in my anxiety levels since starting Rooted.  The programme has equipped me with tools like mindfulness practices, relaxation techniques and ways to reframe my negative thoughts, which have been helpful in managing stress and anxiety.  I've also found that being part of a supportive community and receiving calming sessions has made me feel less alone which has helped my anxiety.  By adding the strategies you gave us into my daily life and actively focusing on my mental well-being.  I've seen a gradual improvement in my anxiety levels over time. 

What we cover in this programme:

Session 1 

Understanding your needs & putting in goals
Daily self care needs
Triggers & Glimmers
Bringing your awareness to your thoughts
Introduction to Gentle Release Therapy
Nurture your Fertility - Heart

Session 2 

Doing and not doing
Nurture your Fertility - Heart/Sternum/Solar Plexus

Session 3 

Emotions & Feelings
Nurture your fertility - Trust 

Session 4 

Thought work/self coaching/reframing
Nurture your Fertility - Grief

Session 5  

Internal voice
Keeping busy/coping mechanisms
Nurture your Fertility - Anger

Session 6 

Wrapping up - look how far you have come
Nurture your Fertility - Love 

What resources are included

  • Over 3 hours of coaching videos in bite sized chunks, for you to complete at your own time. 
  • Relevant worksheets for each session
  • Almost 6 hours of guided mind/body connection videos in the form of 6 Nurture your Fertility sessions recorded especially for this programme, focussing on different areas each time, such as Love, Trust and Grief. 
  • 8 guided recordings
  • 9 grounding resources 
  • 4 hand reflexology routines
  • 3 Gentle Release recordings specifically for where you are in your cycle
  • 2 EFT sequences 
  • 2 facial reflexology routines 

Everything included is for you to do in your own time, no pressure to keep up, or show up for live sessions, but with the back up of the Facebook group if you want/need it

Its making me stop and think.  I feel like I'm becoming more thoughtful and more deliberate in what I'm doing.  I am also sharing with my husband because I feel so much of the content is relevant for him too. 

      Check out my Welcome Video 


What is the investment for this programme?

This programme will be released to those on my mailing list on the 24th April at the Early Bird price of £150 for the first 10 sign ups.  After this, the price will be £195.   If you sign up before the 1st May, you will be able to attend my live Nurture your Fertility session at 8pm on 1st May via Zoom.   If you sign up after this, the recording will be available inside the programme. 

How long does the Rooted programme last, and can I progress at my own pace?

As soon as you sign up you will be given access to all of the resources and Session 1.  The following 5 sessions will be released on a weekly basis, this way you will not get overwhelmed with the content and can work at your own pace.  You will have access to this programme for my lifetime. 

Is the programme suitable for women with specific fertility issues or conditions?

I made sure that my testers were of a very broad range so this programme would be suitable for anyone ttc.  The reviews above are from ladies that are trying naturally, undergoing IVF, have had multiple unsuccessful rounds of IVF, have experienced loss & are experiencing secondary infertility.  

What is the time commitment required for the weekly sessions and exercises?

The beauty of this programme is that you really can do this in your own time.  When I started putting it together, I was very conscious that I didn't want to add to the overwhelm and constant 'doing' that comes with ttc.   I didn't want it to be something else that you added to your 'to do list'.  Every recording has the time on it so you know how long each will take.  The shortest coaching video is 2 minutes and the longest is 22.  The Nurture your Fertility Sessions are around 50-55 minutes long and the relaxation and grounding recordings range from 45 seconds to 20 minutes.   The aim is that you can pick and choose what works for you and when and you can fit it into your already busy day.    

Do I need any special equipment or materials to participate in this programme?

No, the worksheets can either be printed, hand written into a journal or edited online.     Everything can be accessed from your mobile or a computer. 

Can I access the programme materials on multiple devices or share them with my partner?

Yes you can both log in using your sign up details. 

What if I fall pregnant during this programme?

That would be totally wonderful!  Everything other than the hand reflexology and GRT for your cycle can be used at anytime and I would love to think that everything would be able to support you through pregnancy and motherhood. 

How will this help my fertility?

This programme aims to help you control the overwhelm and anxiety that comes with trying to bring home a baby.    Giving you tools and techniques to question your thoughts as well as connect with your body.  From those that have used the programme so far have shown increase in their mental health scores that they set at the start, reduced anxiety levels and have felts much more in control and positive in the wait.  


I have been working in the world of fertility for 17 years and have worked with hundreds, if not over a thousand women in this time.      I have supported them all in different ways but there are always so many similarities.  The overwhelm, the anxiety, loneliness, frustration and the disconnection and sometimes resentment of their bodies.   So bringing together my training in Reflexology, The Fertile Body Method, Gentle Release Therapy, Fertility Massage, Emotional Freedom Technique, Fertility and general coaching along with my most recent Miscarriage and pregnancy loss Doula qualifications, along with a whole heap of experience I wanted to put this programme together to be able to support those that can't do it on a 1:1 basis.    

If you haven't experienced any of my work before, download my Pocket Hug which give you a feel for what I do (or sign up to be on the Rooted list and you will automatically get sent it).   





Going Live April 26th