Mrs H, South Africa

‘I am so grateful to have found Carly, and she agreed to do an online consultation with me as I live very remotely. As we are going through our fertility journey and have a few potential obstacles, Carly really helped to put my mind at ease as well as help me focus on the areas which I can control and improve and put a plan in place going forward. She also showed me how to do hand reflexology which I have found very therapeutic and the gentle release sessions which are very calming. Overall it has been a great reassurance to have Carly to talk to and I feel so much more positive about our journey now. Really so thankful for her!’

Mrs R, Wimbledon

Carly provides a fantastic reflexology service. She is friendly, calming as well as very professional. I found my treatments to be extremely relaxing, having them in your own home makes it even more so. I highly recommend her.

Mrs R, Wimbledon

Over the last three months, Carly has supported both my mental and physical well-being in immeasurable ways, as I have been struggling on my fertility journey.
One of the first things that I noticed about Carly is how empathetic she is and has such a strong desire to help everyone to achieve their pregnancy dream.  She is an extremely kind and warm person who I trust wholeheartedly.  I hadn’t spoken with anyone, other than my husband, about the challenges we had been having, so it was such a huge relief to have someone to talk to who understood and could help me navigate my way out of the negative place that I had got to.  
Through the Freedom Fertility Formula (FFF), Carly has enabled me to be able to step off my ‘fertility island’ and to feel much more in control and no longer alone.  I have been able to reframe my thoughts through the various tools and techniques that I have learnt through the FFF which I use every day.  The various MP3s from the FFF are a perfect way to have a short, guided, relaxation session each day.

Mrs M, New Malden

Carly is excellent, v personable, professional and really knows what she is doing. She helped me when I was really struggling and her treatments were invaluable. I still enjoy them now when life and two very little children allow. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carly,

Mrs T, Wimbledon

I can't recommend Carly enough. We were struggling to conceive our first child and I came across Carly's website and emailed her. From our first conversation I knew I had done the right thing contacting her. Not only did she provide amazing treatments, but she became by councillor as well. She cried with me each month when I got my period and convinced me that it would happen. And she was right - after a few months of well timed, regular treatments with her it happened. She was the very first person I told!

She continued treatments all through my pregnancy and even dropped everything to rush to the hospital to try and bring on my labor so they would not induce me.

I now have 2 beautiful daughters and I credit Carly with this - I don't think it would have happened without her help.

Just call Carly and her magical hands - you will not look back - she's amazing!

Mrs F, Wimbledon

Carly is quite simply fantastic. I started treatments with Carly after a misscarriage when I was anxiousabout getting pregnant again. Carly helped me both physically and emotionally. The treatments were extremely relaxing and I always felt like a new person after them. On an emotional level Carly is a bubbly, happy and giving person and someone you naturally confide in and trust wholeheartedly - traits that cannot be underplayed whilst trying for a baby. I always looked forward to seeing her as well as having reflexology. I quickly became pregnant and continued to see Carly throughout my pregnancy as she treated all of my pregnancy conditions (which were multiple) and kept me calm, happy and motivated. I am now the proud mum of a litle boy and owe a multitude of thanks to Carly. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mrs M, Colliers Wood

The only thing I miss about being pregnant are Carly's weekly visits. I had an amazing, drug-free labour at home and I'm sure that Carly's healing hands contributed to my quick and bearable labour. My baby was 10 days late and Carly's determination to get him out, lead to him being born very quickly. Thank you, Carly!

Mrs V, New Malden

I was suffering from symphisis pubis dysfunction (spd) from when I was 6 weeks pregnant. This resulted in my being in excruciating pain in my pelvis area so sometimes I couldn't even walk up the stairs. At 27 weeks I started seeing Carly for this problem and also because my baby was breech and his head was digging into my ribs which was also very painful. The reflexology has eliminated the spd completely and my baby turned to head down position almost immediately after the first two sessions

Miss W, Kingston

I always look forward to my treatments with Carly! I first decided to look into reflexology to help me cope with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, I have noticed that it has also had positive effects on other health complaints that I have been suffering from.

After my very first session, I noticed an immense feeling of relaxation and a significant improvement to my mood. I found I was able to keep calmer in stressful situations and remain more relaxed. This is helping my symptoms of IBS which seem to be aggravated by stress and anxiety.

Carly is now helping me to ease the symptoms of my menstrual cycle. After my treatments, symptoms seem to become far more manageable, and I can go about my daily tasks with far greater ease than before.

I would highly recommend Carly as a reflexologist. I totally believe in what she does and my friends and family have all commented on the positive effects her sessions have had on my wellbeing. I am so pleased with the results the treatments have had on my life in the past few months, and look forward to seeing future improvements.

Mrs C, Wimbledon

Carly treated me throughout my first pregnancy and is now treating me again during my second pregnancy. I have always found her treatments incredibly relaxing and they have been a great "time out" for me and helped me to sleep and de-stress. I also suffer from a bowel condition and she has also helped alleviate constipation for me. I am a great believer in reflexology and the benefits it confers for a whole number of conditions having experienced the results first hand and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Carly as a therapist

Mrs R, Earlsfield

Tired and worned out, Carly's treatments have helped me destress, unwind and fall pregnant! Discreet and always smiling, she is a breath of fresh air!

Miss B, Wimbledon

I would totally recommend Carly's healing hands to anybody. As well as helping my body, it is also a thoroughly relaxing experience, after every treatment I've slept deeply all night as if I've been on a 10 mile hike in the fresh air! She has helped balance my hormones, eliminate toxins and give general well-being to aid conception. Having menstruated regularly most of my life, since my last miscarriage 8 months ago I have been totally irregular, after just one treatment with Carly I have become regular again. Carly helped me to conceive with my last pregnancy, but having become pregnant I stopped treatments. This time I hope to continue them throughout the whole pregnancy. I also suffer from bad sinuses only breathing through one nostril, and many aches and pain, stiff shoulders, back etc. After working her magic on my feet I am always able to breath through both nostrils, and feel as if I have had an all over massage! She provides a positive, friendly approach which adds enormously to the experience. If anyone is considering it you should really give it a trial.

Mrs S, Southfields

Carly started treating me shortly before I conceived and all the way through my pregnancy with my second child. I had miscarried shortly before I started treatment with Carly and was thrilled to find out I was pregnant the first month we had started "trying" again. I found Carly's treatments relaxing and beneficial and the pregnancy progressed very smoothly. She is an excellent reflexologist. She has a relaxed manner which immediately puts you at ease. My labour was extremely short and I experienced minimal pain during the totally natural birth which I attribute to a combination of reflexology and hypnotherapy.